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Organic SEO is the non payed method of having your pages appear in search results. When you perform a search, the search engine uses formulas to determine the relevence of web pages against your search terms. We optimize pages to increase your site's chances of appearing in the top search result pages for relevent searches.

Optimization is the process of making a site search engine friendly. We optimize pages for search relevence by expertly tuning your copy and code based upon your keyword and keyphrase choices.

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is the payed method of obtaining search results. We write copy that will help you get clicks from potential customers, and create landing pages to help you convert them to customers.

Keyword/phrase analysis - we thoroughly research the words and phrases people use when looking for products or services like yours, examining search volume, related searches, similiar terms and the competition. We present you with our findings and our recommendations for the words and phrase choices to achieve results.

Competitive analysis - we examine the overall number of web pages that target specific keywords to determine how difficult, in terms of time and money, it will be to achieve results with them. Often the most obvious choices are not the best choices, as niche words and phrases may produce better results. We can also look at specific sites to determine how well are they optimized for specific keywords.

Ranking strategy, tactics - we build short and long term plans to help you get results quickly, build upon your results and maintain them as conditions change over time.